Migrant Coalition: Extending Title 42 Entrenches Racism, Arbitrariness in the U.S. Asylum System
Migrant Communities Demand Congress Delivers on Guaranteeing Fair Hearings in Immigration Court
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What is Alianza Americas?

Alianza Americas is a network of migrant-led organizations working in the United States and transnationally to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for communities across North, Central and South America.

Thanks to you!

Our impact is thanks to you: 


  • We expanded our coalition: 55 member organizations in 18 states.
  • Thanks to our advocacy efforts, the Biden-Harris administration granted a new TPS designation to Haitian nationals and extended designations for El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
  • Through our #SomosSalud campaign, we reached over 43,000 people with up-to-date information about the COVID-19 vaccine.


  • We raised over $200,000 in several Central American countries, in response to hurricanes Eta and Iota.
  • Our delegation to Guatemala connected U.S.-based migrant rights activists with their counterparts in Central America, building new bridges for advocacy.


  • We participated in the UN Global Compact on Migration, uplifting the voices and views of people who migrate in our coalition.
  • We were official observers at COP26, allowing us to insert the voices of migrants in discussions around climate change.

See our full 2021 report here

Get educated, get involved and be a part of the solution

We can shape new narrative about Latin American immigrants in the US.


If we educate elected officials and the general public about the systemic causes that force thousands of people to flee their countries of origin, we can help drive better policies.


As Latin American immigrants in the US, we seek to improve living conditions for the most vulnerable population in our countries of origin.

A word from our Executive Director

“Going backwards is not an option, all is not lost,” says Oscar Chacón, in this message to Alianza Americas’ membership, in light of the latest development related to immigration reform and the future of the “Build Back Better” bill.


Our executive director delves into some events such as the Senate parliamentarian’s ruling on December 16 against including modest immigration reforms in the “Build Back Better” initiative, which would have provided work permits to a significant number of immigrants who have been residing in the United States for many years; Senator Joe Manchin’s statement yesterday, Sunday, December 19, on his decision not to vote in favor of the Build Back Better bill; momentous events in the region such as the election results in Honduras and Chile; and some avenues on which we must continue to move forward, work and lobby in 2022. Share this message with more people in your organization!

Become a changemaker

  • We seek to influence public policies that allow a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for Latino immigrant communities living in the United States.
  • We develop tools, analysis and policy recommendations to address domestic and transnational issues, including the implications of ending Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and new asylum restrictions in the U.S.
  • We build new generations of leaders with transnational awareness, equipping them with tools for organizing and advocating for more equitable policies.
  • We work to educate elected officials and the general public about the systemic causes that force thousands of people to flee their places of origin.
  • As Latin American immigrants in the U.S.,we seek to improve living conditions for communities in our countries of origin.



Enable and support organized immigrants to become effective transnational change agents toward a just, equitable and sustainable way of life for all people in the Americas.

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