Alianza Americas is the only transnational organization rooted in Latino immigrant communities in the United States focused on improving the quality of life of all people in the U.S.-Mexico-Central America migration corridor. Our work brings an important perspective to all areas related to quality of life — economic, racial and social justice, humane migration policies, and protection for children and families seeking refuge.


As a network of Latino and Caribbean immigrants, Alianza Americas recognizes the transnational nature of our challenge: while working for change in the U.S., it is no less important to promote more stable, healthy, democratic, and safer conditions in the countries of origin of their members.


In 2022, Alianza Americas officially integrated its longtime collaborator Presente.org into the organization, establishing Presente as its digital organizing powerhouse. Presente.org is the largest national Latinx online platform advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture, and the  premiere digital organizing site for the Latinx community.  Learn more about the integration here.