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With Colombia’s Election, is Latin America Seeing a Leftward Shift?

Virtual panel Details Pollsters are predicting that Colombia’s first-round presidential elections on May 29 will result in a victory for frontrunner Gustavo Petro. Should he go on to win the presidency, it would be the first time Colombia elects a left-wing candidate to lead the nation.    With leftist candidates having previously won recent presidential [...]

Collective Motherhood

VIRTUAL EVENT Details A conversation meant to confront myths around motherhood and encourage a culture of care.   When becoming a mother, women often face dangerous health systems, laws that criminalize their bodies, inequitable caregiving responsibilities, and much more. Celebrating mothers should go beyond gifting flowers and chocolates, and instead center around challenging the violent [...]

Energy policy and environmental impact in Mexico

WEBINAR Details In 2016, under the Paris Agreement, Mexico committed that 35 percent of its energy would be clean by 2024; with that number reaching 43 percent by 2030. However, as of October 2020, 74.52 percent of Mexico’s energy was produced in fossil fuel-burning power plants.    What can the Mexican state do to fulfill [...]

100 days later: Is Honduras moving forward?

WEBINAR Details Honduras' first female president, Xiomara Castro, came to power after two turbulent presidential administrations. Castro's government, which has been in power for 100 days, inherited a fragmented country in various ways. Now is a timely moment to examine  Xiomara Castro’s time in office thus far: What has she been able to do? What [...]

Arms trafficking and gender violence in Mexico

WEBINAR Details The leading cause of death in Mexico is firearms. The flow of guns from the U.S. to Mexico has led to an increase in violence against women, both in the home and in public spaces. To analyze the role that U.S. gun laws play in Mexico's homicide rates, Alianza Americas invites you to [...]

April in Nicaragua: Voices from the Resistance

WEBINAR Details Alianza Americas and the  Heinrich Böll Foundation Central America Office will host this online panel about democratic resistance in Nicaragua. Since April 2018, the Central American country has remained  plunged into the darkness of an anti-democratic regime. Four years later, it is urgent to re-up the conversation about recent repression against civil society, [...]

Migrant Organizing and Resistance in the face of Climate Crisis

WEBINAR Details In honor of Earth Day 2022,  join Alianza Americas and its network of migrant-led organizations for a virtual discussion where we will learn from migrants that have fled from climate disasters themselves and Latinx communities impacted by climate change in the U.S. We’ll discuss how they’ve organized their communities to combat the climate [...]

A prosperous future is possible: Critical conversations about Mexico and Central America

August, 2021 – From August 4 to September 8, Alianza Americas and will host a series of conversations about the lived realities many face in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. The series will feature civil society leaders from the region who will discuss and explore structural solutions to problems such [...]

Causas de la migración y recomendaciones desde la sociedad civil

Alianza Americas, y The CentAm Collective le invitan a sumarse a una conversación para explorar las causas de la migración desde Centroamérica junto a expertos en la región que trabajan con población en situación de vulnerabilidad y personas que ven la migración como su única opción. Este evento forma parte de una serie de [...]

Root Causes Series: What are the root causes of migration from Central America?

WEBINAR Details Between March 18 and April 22, 2021, Alianza Americas and hosted a series of panel discussions on the reasons behind the exodus of people seeking safety in the region.   Alianza Americas and its members CARECEN of Washington, CARECEN San Francisco, Central American Black Organization (ONECA), Hondureños contra el SIDA, Casa Yurumein, [...]

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