100 days later: Is Honduras moving forward?



Honduras’ first female president, Xiomara Castro, came to power after two turbulent presidential administrations. Castro’s government, which has been in power for 100 days, inherited a fragmented country in various ways. Now is a timely moment to examine  Xiomara Castro’s time in office thus far: What has she been able to do? What progress has been made so far in her efforts to transform the country and guarantee citizens their rights? Where is progress not yet evident?  What is her government doing in the legislative and judicial arenas? This discussion is co-organized by Alianza Americas and the Heinrich Böll Foundation Central America Office.


When: May 11, 2022


Time: 1 p.m. ET, 12 p.m CT, 10 a.m. PT | 11 a.m. in Central America


Where Zoom. 



  • Liliana Castillo


  • Yolanda González Cerdeira

Reflection, Research and Communication Team (ERIC-SJ)

  • Gilda Rivera

Women’s Rights Center (CDM) 


*This event will be held in Spanish with English interpretation on Zoom*

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