The Future of Asylum is at Stake


The current negotiations taking place in the U.S. Congress over the passage of a federal foreign military funding package include potentially devastating policy changes to the U.S. asylum system that would harm migrant communities in the United States. The U.S. must set the example that there are non-negotiable international obligations and commitments. Limiting asylum and deporting immigrants hurt our values as a Nation, our communities, and our families. This is an unacceptable deal and it is important that we register our dissent in the face of this shameful action. The time to act is NOW!

The latest information indicates that some of the actions being considered as part of this agreement could include:

  • Increasing and lengthening detention of asylum seekers, including families with children.
  • Modifying the criteria on the basis of which the first step in the asylum process, the credible fear interview, is reviewed, making it more stringent, so that fewer people can enter the country to begin their asylum process.
  • Establish a new requirement for people seeking asylum in the U.S. that if they crossed through a third country they must show that they applied for asylum and were denied, known as a “transit ban. 
  • Declare a national emergency to close the border, similar to Title 42.
  • Expansion of “expedited removal” that applies 100 miles from the border to the entire country, which puts people with long histories in the country at risk of detention and deportation simply because of their irregular immigration status.
  • Limiting the authority to grant travel permits or parole for persons of certain nationalities who do not have tourist visas or documentation to travel and enter the country.

Talking Points: 

  • These measures will have a disproportionate impact on Latin American migrant communities residing in the United States and on people seeking protection in this country, the majority of whom are of Latin American and Caribbean origin. This is an agreement against us and our communities, and we cannot remain silent. 
  • It is important that we publicly and unequivocally express our rejection of this negotiation by communicating with our legislators, particularly our Senators, since it is in the Upper House of Congress where the negotiation is taking place, and also with the White House.
  • The migrant communities have been and are a true blessing to the United States of America. However, we continue to be the recipients of public policies and official practices that can only be explained by the predominance of an anti-immigrant, xenophobic and white supremacist agenda. We must express to the President and the Senators and Representatives that we expect them to stand with us, and that their campaign promises and gestures of inclusion and appreciation of immigration will be unequivocally manifested at this time.
  • As negotiations move forward for a Supplemental Aid Package bill for fiscal year (FY) 2024, we urge you to prioritize the following requests as the most critical immigration-related appropriations matters: Reducing Case Backlogs and Enhancing Citizenship Programs, increased legal representation, decrease immigration detention funding and levels, initiatives and funding to support welcoming migrants, invest in peace, and address the root causes of migration. 

Take Action:

We encourage you to email, call, visit, and express your outrage and rejection to your State Senators, and your District Representatives and President Biden.  

Learn more about how to contact your Member of Congress and the Biden Administration: 

Send a letter to your Member of Congress: 

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