“My Voice is Our Voice”

U.S. Citizen Children of Central American Parents,
Midterm Elections, and TPS Relief

Campaign Toolkit

September 10 to 20, 2022

This September, Alianza Americas, our members, and allies are coming together to elevate the voices of young U.S. citizen children raising awareness during the midterms elections about the merits and urgency of protecting those of Central American origin with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). 

There are many mixed-status families that are composed of a TPS-recipient parent, or a Central American parent who lacks immigration status and has U.S. citizen children. From September 10 to September 20, we will lead conversations and actions to call on the Biden-Harris administration to redesignate TPS to El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua and issue a new designation for Guatemala. (This period coincides with Central America Independence Day on September 15). These actions will promote civic engagement opportunities for first-time voters who are children of TPS parents or children of undocumented parents. The children, along with their community, will demand action from policymakers to pass legislation that brings equality, protection, and keeps their families together. We want young activists to inspire other potential voters to join their cause. This toolkit includes:

  1. Talking points and data 
  2. The basics about TPS
  3. Local actions to join 
  4. Guiding questions for your local action and conversations
  5. 5 ways you can participate in the 2022 midterms if you can’t vote 
  6. Call to action and materials to share on social media  

Suggested resources for your action:

  • Organize and amplify key voices. Your local elected official or other stakeholders can share a few words in support of TPS for Central American countries.
  • Earned media. Reach out to local reporters who can help spread the word.
  • Create visuals that feature the central campaign demand
    • TPS for El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala now!
    • Keep Central American families together!
    • I am a child of a TPS holder and I vote!

Some suggested actions: Press conference, community conversation, rally, gathering/festival to recognize Central America Independence Day on September 15, a vigil, or join voting registration day events.


This toolkit also includes a video of a family member of a TPS recipient that you can share; feel free to create your own, similar version.

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