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For decades, Alianza Americas has worked across borders to fight injustice, oppression, and inequality. And as the crisis facing families, children, and marginalized people across the Americas grows, the urgency and immediacy of our work also grows. Join us in putting our “hearts”–resources, action, compassion and resistance–on the ground, across borders to protect migrant families and defend their human rights.

#HeartsAcrosstheAmericas will work across borders to protect and defend migrant families in their home countries, along the migration route, and in the United States. The effort builds on Alianza Americas’ 15 years of experience in transnational advocacy and organizing to advance justice, dignity and human rights across the Americas.

  • In Central America: Coordinated advocacy, resources, and partnerships to end the systemic violence, impunity, and inequality driving families from their homes.
  • In Mexico: Direct financial support to shelters housing migrant families and mobilization of legal experts to ensure that families understand their rights to seek asylum.
  • In the United States: Networked legal services and know-your-rights trainings for migrant families and migrant-led organizing around legislation that protects families across borders.

In defending migrant families, we seek support from concerned people across the Americas. There are various ways to get involved:

  • Donate: Funds raised through #HeartsAcrosstheAmericas will support Alianza Americas’ transnational efforts to protect and defend migrant families across borders. Donate here.
  • Volunteer: Register as an organization or individual to receive information about opportunities to provide on-the-ground humanitarian and legal supports to families in exodus from Central America. Register through Refuge for Families, a campaign with partner organizations, here.
  • Share: Spread the word about this effort via your social media channels. Tag your posts with your city, state and country so we can track how #HeartsAcrosstheAmericas spreads across borders.


Apoya el trabajo de Alianza América en pro de la protección de las familias migrantes en las Américas.

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