Each year as “Tax Day” approaches, Alianza Americas updates our tax justice campaign and toolkit to challenge national budget priorities, including spending on detention, deportation and the construction of a border wall. We invite all taxpayers to speak out and demand that their taxes are invested in ways that benefit all communities. We are also part of the “Defund Hate” coalition, which insists that our taxes not be squandered on the arrest and deportation machine.

Tax Justice Campaign 2021

Public health and the economy are being greatly impacted by the pandemic. This is the time to raise our voices and express our demands regarding the resources that we contribute as taxpayers and that we need now. 

The 2021 tax justice campaign reitereates the contributions made by migrant people and calls that those resources be invested in: 

  • Healthcare for all.
  • Access to quality education that does not put students, teachers or families at risk.
  • Guarantees that people can find or remain in decent housing, including support for renters. 
  • Protections for workers and healthy workplaces. 
  • Payments for workers who lose their jobs. 
  • Sustainable and healthy transportation systems that connect communities with jobs.
  • Recognition of the contributions of immigrants and equitable pathways to permanent residency. 

We call on the government to stop driving resources into:

  • Policing and law enforcement. 
  • Anti-immigrant policies such as border walls, family separation, detention and deportations, attacks on people with temporary work visas or protections, blocking asylum seekers and refugees.
Immigrants Tax Day 2021