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The federal government’s ongoing crackdown on migrant families and asylum seekers, including its cruel “Zero Tolerance” policy at the border, has torn apart thousands of families—and is now failing to reunite them. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ changes to asylum law will keep this vital protection out of reach of people who need it, including victims of the gang violence that continues to ravage Central American countries.

Alianza Americas believes that under no circumstances should people—especially children—be criminalized for fleeing for their lives.  We demand that the US government to respect the rights of asylum seekers and #KeepFamiliesTogether.

All children should be able to grow and thrive in their countries of origin under their family’s care. However, if migration is the only option for safety or security, families should be fully protected across the migration route and received with compassion in the United States.

Here are ways that you can take action tell the government that #FamiliesBelongTogether:

Alianza Americas remains committed to its transnational mission to keep migrant children safe, keep them out of detention, and keep families together. Thank you for your support.