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SOMOS 2018

SOMOS 2018 “The Power of Our Voices: Resisting, Connecting and Transforming Inequality.”

Now in its third year, Alianza Americas’ SOMOS/WE Are initiative engages communities—especially youth—in building a new narrative around migration and challenging ongoing economic inequality, xenophobia and racism. Via workshops organized with Alianza Americas member organizations across the country, we will raise awareness and identify action steps to tackle the roots of oppression against communities of color, immigrants, Muslims, women, and the LGBTQ community.

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SOMOS 2018 will convene conversations to highlight thepower of resistance, help participants connect with each other and within movements, and strategize solutions to transform systems of oppression.

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2018 Participating Organizations: Casa Yurumein, Hondurenos Contra el Sida, Organización Negra Centroamericana (ONECA), Club Nueva Vision de Cheranastico, WeCount!, America Para Todos, CRECEN Houston, Ministerio Latinx and Lila Latinxs LGTBQ Initiative Inc

A special thank you to all of our organizational members participating in this initiative:

SOMOS 2017

Alianza Americas, its member organizations and Latino Caribbean communities unite this month to design messages against racism and xenophobia through the SOMOS / We Are initiative. August 4 officially kicks off  this campaign.  Dozens of migrant families, local artists and community leaders will join the Alliance member organizations for a new day of art in favor of more just and humane communities.
The motto of SOMOS / We Are 2017 is “Let’s Design a Community Free from HATE: by visualizing justice, we will eradicate racism and xenophobia”. Local actions will celebrate cultural heritage, create community circles to help communities heal the impacts of racism, and identify opportunities to strengthen resilience against oppressive systems.

Desde Noviembre del 2009, nuestra iniciativa SOMOS/We Are ha sido el vehículo para responder a la concepción negativa y equivocada que predomina acerca de nuestras comunidades. Durante el mes de agosto de 2017 varias de nuestras organizaciones miembros junto con organizaciones aliadas implementamos exitosamente siete eventos en Boston, Chicago, Miami, New Jersey, New York y Tennessee bajo el lema “Diseñemos una Comunidad Libre de Odio: a través de la visualización de la equidad, erradicamos el racismo y la xenofobia”. La utilización del arte y el dialogo comunitario fueron las herramientas para proponer ideas que cambien la retórica de odio la cual se ha incrementado ante la llegada de la administración actual. Agradecemos en especial el liderazgo de Women Working Together U.S.A., Centro para el Desarrollo Dominicano, Hondureños Contra el SIDA/Casa Yurumein y Viento del Espíritu. También agradecemos a las organizaciones aliadas Club Nueva Visión de Cheranastico, la Coalición de Inmigrantes y Refugiados de Tennessee y La Misión ConArte. Si desea ver las fotografías de lo sucedido en cada jornada visite este vínculo.



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A special thank you to all of our organizational members participating in this initiative:

SOMOS 2016

Because I See Myself In You

Reclaiming Our Humanity

SOMOS/WE ARE is a collaborative initiative developed by Alianza Americas and its members and allies, using art, music, video, and other cultural expressions to tell the true stories of immigrants and our communities. SOMOS/WE ARE provides a powerful counter-narrative to the negative and misguided perception of immigrants that has come to dominate public discourse and policy making, thereby harming our communities, not just in the United States, but also in other countries around the world, including our own countries of origin.

The SOMOS/WE ARE initiative focuses on story-telling as a way to share individual human stories while bringing to light the facts and all of the positive contributions of the immigrant community. As we share our SOMOS/WE ARE initiative with our communities and our allies, we reaffirm our determination to reclaim our humanity, dignity, and pride in our multicultural and multilingual roots and heritage.

Participate Cities:

Morristown, New Jersey

Bronx, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Homestead, Florida

SOMOS We Are Reception 2016

Civic Center Silver Spring, MD










A special thank you to all of our organizational members participating in this initiative: