How the political system works in Honduras

October, 2021 — Alianza Americas created a series of infographics to explain how the Honduran political system works. With these tools we seek to provide an understanding of the political reality of this Central American nation including the current formation of the Congress and the inner workings of State and oversight bodies.

Find the infographics below:



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The progressive deterioration of economic, political and social indicators reflect that democracy and governance in #Honduras is in crisis. Learn about the most recent events linked to the deterioration of democracy in this Central American nation.



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#Honduras’ political constitution includes institutions for oversight and control of State assets and functions that support the three fundamental branches of the State. Learn more about these institutions:



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Distributing powers of the State across different branches of government serves to achieve a balance of powers. With more than 20 reforms to the Constitution of the Republic of #Honduras in less than 40 years, this is the structure of public power and its main functions.



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#Honduras’ National Congress is unicameral and is composed of 87 deputies from different political parties. They are in charge of creating, discussing and approving the laws that govern the nation. Learn more about their distribution in Congress.

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