How the political system works in Guatemala

September 2021 — Alianza Americas created a series of infographics to explain how the Guatemalan political system works. With these tools we seek to provide an understanding of the political reality of this Central American nation including the current formation of the Congress and the inner workings of State and oversight bodies.

Find the infographics below:



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#Guatemala’s Congress is in charge of approving and reforming laws. Who makes up the Congress and how many votes of deputies are needed to pass a law in this country? Find more information here




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#Guatemala’s constitution provides oversight over government institutions, which supports the three fundamental branches of the State. Learn who these entities are:




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Distributing functions of the State across different branches of government serves to achieve a balance of powers. What are the main branches of the State of #Guatemala and how do they function? Click here to learn more




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To strengthen the rule of law in #Guatemala it’s necessary to review and update laws that were enacted before the 1996 Peace Accords and that remain unreformed. These are some of the laws that urgently need to be reformed


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