How the political system works in El Salvador

June 1, 2021 —Alianza Americas has created a series of infographics breaking down El Salvador’s political system and how its democratic institutions work. These infographics seek to help you understand the institutional crisis that the country is experiencing following the events that took place on May 1, 2021. Just hours after taking office and disregarding the process outlined in the Constitution, the Legislative Assembly dismissed five justices of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice –– the country’s highest court –– and the attorney general of the Republic.

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1/5 What are the Main Branches of the Salvadoran Political System? Why is the independence of powers of each branch so important? Learn more about the institutional crisis that #ElSalvador is experiencing here

1 - El Salvador Main Branches

2/5 Who makes up the Legislative Body of #ElSalvador? How does the Legislative Assembly work? How many votes of representatives does it take to pass a law in this country? Learn more here

2 - El Salvador Legislative Branches

3/5 Did you know that the Supreme Court of Justice of #ElSalvador is organized in four Chambers? What are the functions of each chamber,how many magistrates do they have, and how should they be elected? Find the answers to these questions here

3 - El Salvador Supreme Court

4/5 Who makes up the national and local governments of #ElSalvador? What are its main powers and obligations? Learn more about the Salvadoran Executive Body here

4 - El Salvador How the Government Works

5/5 #ElSalvador | What are the main responsibilities of the Accounts Court of the Republic, the Nat’l Judicial Council, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, & Public Prosecutor’s Office? Learn more here

5 - El Salvador Main Secondary Constitutional Branches
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