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The Time to Use the Power of the Pen Has Arrived.

President Obama Must Take Action to Protect Families and Children from Deportation.


Chicago, IL – June 30, 2014. This afternoon, President Obama made a brief statement indicating he will use his executive authority to take action on immigration in light of Congressional inaction.


Oscar Chacón, Executive Director of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC) had this reaction to the President’s announcement.


“This is the moment for President Obama to do what is right, to stop deportations and to protect vulnerable children and families. As we have known for many months, the US Congress has no plans to move forward on immigration reform. Meanwhile, with every passing day, families are divided, children are left without parents, and hundreds of people are deported to situations of violence and uncertainty.


The President has the opportunity to make good on a long-delayed promise to immigrant communities. If he takes up the challenge, it will be a watershed moment in the struggle for immigrants’ rights in this country.


We have been calling on President Obama for months to use the “Power of the Pen” to stop deportations. NALACC members will be watching carefully as the President releases the details of his strategy.


With his actions in the coming days, President Obama has an unprecedented opportunity to reset the national and regional conversation on immigration policy. In light of the humanitarian crisis of children in detention on the border, this conversation should go beyond our national borders to develop a humane and common sense approach to human mobility.


The obligations of the United States to protect vulnerable children go above and beyond the immigration reform debate, and cannot be traded for the administrative relief that the President and the country know to be the morally correct next step.


Immigrant communities must remain alert and ready to continue advocating for wise and humane policy solutions to our nation’s challenges, including how we treat immigrants, irrespective of immigration status.”