A Great America Should Honor and Protect Immigrants and Refugees

Alianza Americas urges Trump Administration to uphold American values and protect hardworking immigrant families and children.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Cristina Garcia, (773) 875-3314
E-mail: cgarcia@alianzaamericas.org

Chicago, IL -President Trump has indicated he will enact a series of Executive Orders over the next few days related to immigrants and refugees. Alianza Americas reminds the President that there is a high human and economic cost to pandering to the extremist anti-immigrant factions. Aggressive detention and deportation policies are expensive and counterproductive, if our goal is to increase national security. Tearing apart families also drives a wedge into communities, puts children at risk, and deprives the nation of talented and hardworking people.

Legislators from both parties should immediately speak out against any attempts to undo protections for the more than 730,000 young people who have benefited from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals known as DACA or any other measures that protect immigrant and refugee families and children or to attack cities providing sanctuary to people forced to migrate. Alianza Americas calls on the Congress to swiftly enact a legislative fix, if Mr. Trump proceeds with mean-spirited and economically damaging Executive Orders. Keeping families together should not be a partisan issue.

In a statement, Oscar Chacón, Executive Director of Alianza Americas said:

President Trump does not have to take this path. If his goal is truly to make America great, he should start with recognizing that American greatness comes from being a diverse nation of immigrants. Immigrants contribute in thousands of ways to economic prosperity and the rich cultural fabric of our nation. We should not forget that people seek refuge here precisely because of our commitment to human rights and freedoms.

If Mr. Trump chooses instead to further demonize immigrants and refugees, we hope that legislators and the public will not be fooled by this naked attempt to distract people from the many real problems facing our country. There are plenty of opportunities to develop durable solutions and move away from failed policies that have led to unprecedented economic inequality in the US and around the world.

We are entering a time of great risk and uncertainty, but even now there are opportunities if we have the wisdom to seize them. We must connect with people of all races and faiths, who have many good reasons to be upset. Frustration with the status quo can be manipulated to divide us, but it can also enable us to unite and pursue a transformational agenda that benefits everyone, including immigrant communities. We urge people of good faith, all over the country, to reach out to the President and members of Congress and urge them to act humanely and wisely as they search for solutions to the many problems resulting from economic inequality.