Teodoro Aguiluz is the Executive Director of Centro de Recursos Centroamericanos (CRECEN) in Houston, Texas. Teodoro was born in Ciudad Delgado, El Salvador. He was studying economics in la Universidad de San Salvador when he had to leave the country along with many other Salvadorians fleeing persecution at the hands of the Salvadorian government and its death squads. With other refugees in the United States he organized CARECEN and CRECEN with the shared goal of protecting Central Americans from deportation and fighting for the recognition of refugee status for Salvadorians who escaped from the civil war in El Salvador. In 1982 he founded CRECEN which has evolved over 25 years into an important human rights and civic engagement organization in Houston TX. Many years later he helped to establish the non-profit organization America Para Todos. He is a founder of the Red Nacional Salvadoreña Americana (Salvadoran American National Network) and a NALACC founding member. He is also part of the Comité Nacional de la Coordinadora 96 which organized the first march of Latinos in Washington in 1996.