I was born on May 3, 1968 in Montevideo, Uruguay. I had my Primary and Secondary Education at Sacred Heart College. I Graduated from the University of Popular Culture in the area of ​​art and culture. As an activist, I participated in the student movements against the Uruguayan dictatorship, in the “landless” and “homeless” movements, and in the movements for the rights of women: education and prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse, being part of the founding of Comuna Mujer. I participate in several education and health projects within the government of Montevideo (such as HIV- AIDS, among others). I was a volunteer of Unicef ​​in the Social Coordination program within the framework of the project “integrating the excluded city”. In December 2002, I emigrated to the United States where I took several leadership courses and immigration policy. In 2007, join as a volunteer at FLIC, and then at the Miami Workers Center, Sisterhood of Survivors, WeCount! And other Miami organizations participating in hundreds of campaigns for the rights of immigrants, abused women and territorial displacement. I served as Vice President on the board of the Miami Workers Center and WeCount! In 2009 I was correspondent for the uruguayan radio El Prado FM and in 2014 founder of the program Entre Nosotras Compartimos. I am currently part of the Women Working Together USA organization where I was a co-founder being part of Alianza Americas and Alianza de Trabajadoras del Hogar.