Riahl O’Malley lives in Chelsea, Massachusetts and works at United for a Fair Economy. As Education Director he develops educational materials and leads trainings around the country with workers centers, unions, community organizations and faith-based communities. He has been using popular education to lead workshops and build power for change for the past 10 years. Before joining UFE he worked in Nicaragua and Honduras leading delegations of people from the U.S. so they could analyze the negative impacts of U.S. foreign policy. While in Nicaragua he met his wife, Indira Garmendia, and got an intimate view of the dehumanizing U.S. immigration system. He was introduced to Alianza Americas by his colleague, mentor and fellow popular educator, Jeannette Huezo and greatly values the organization’s work to build a transnational movement of, by and for immigrants. He has a Masters in Advocacy and Political Leadership from the University of Minnesota and an Undergraduate in Gender and Globalization from Trent University. He would be honored to serve Alianza Americas as a member of the board and support its bold vision for change.