Levis Torres is a Colombian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1992 full of dreams, but quickly confronted the harsh reality facing immigrant communities in this country. In 2005, Levis began to participate in an organization called The Union of the Uninsured (LA UNION DE LOS SIN SEGUROS), which fought for the rights of people who were unable to pay for health insurance. Six months later, he was named President of that organization, and through that work, he connected with WECOUNT in Miami Florida, taking leadership classes there. Eventually, Levis became part of the professional team at WECOUNT, working as a community organizer in the struggle for immigrants’ rights. In this work, he organizes leadership workshops, and heads the campaign “My work counts” “Mi trabajo vale.” WECOUNT is a member of the Florida Immigrant Rights Coalition. In 2010, in collaboration with other FLIC members, WECOUNT successfully pressed the Dade County Commission to pass an ordinance on wage theft, which has been a useful tool in efforts to combat abusive employers. Currently, Levis is the Coordinator of Labor Rights WECOUNT and a Spanish literacy specialist. Through his alliances with FLIC and NALACC, he participates in diverse efforts to protect immigrants’ rights at the state, local and national levels.