Young leaders from Mexico and El Salvador will highlight positive stories of youth engagement and raise awareness of the impact of deportation and violence on young people in Latin America

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The tour “Youth Building Bridges” is a transnational effort coming to Michigan in February 2020.  


January 13, 2020 — Strangers No Longer, a nonprofit organization in Detroit, and member of Alianza Americas, is taking the lead on a week-long educational tour that will bring four young people from Central America and Mexico to Eastern Michigan.  The youth leaders will share their stories in high schools, universities, parishes and communities. Youth leaders from Mexico who have experienced the pain of deportation will share their stories– and how they have come to defend the rights of deported people in Mexico.  From El Salvador, we will be joined by creative young activists who are using urban art and music to provide alternatives to gangs and protect at-risk children and youth in one of San Salvador’s most marginalized neighborhoods.


The tour will build connections between young people in Michigan and their peers from Mexico and Central America, seeking to promote understanding and solidarity across borders.  By engaging on a personal level, participants will deepen their understanding of the factors that are causing so many people to leave their home countries, and the pain that is experienced by children, youth, and families who are caught the ever-more aggressive immigration enforcement systems that are causing families to live in fear, and that have resulted in many people being returned to Mexico or Central America.


Collaborating organizations:


Otros Dreams en Acción (Other Dreams in Action) is a self-help, activism, and mutual support group in Mexico, comprised of young people who grew up in the United States and now find themselves in Mexico. Some of them were deported.  Others accompanied a deported family member, or returned due to fear of deportation.


Soy vida (I Am Life) – is a project in El Salvador, which works to reclaim public spaces and rebuild social fabric through youth-led urban art. The project offers art and music instruction, entrepreneurship opportunities, and soft skills development for young people in vulnerable communities  who want an alternative to the violence that is prevalent in their neighborhoods


Alianza Americas is a network of more than 50 immigrant-led organizations representing more than 150,000 families across the United States. It is the only national network in the United States of Latin American and Caribbean organizations working from a transnational perspective for inclusive, equitable and sustainable living conditions.


Strangers No Longer is a network of Catholics in SE Michigan who form Circles of Support in their parishes to educate, accompany families and advocate for more humane policies and practices toward immigrants. Information:  call 313-549-0421.

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