Urgent Campaign Underway to Assist Victims of Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Central America

November 19, 2020
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Alianza Americas, Hispanic Federation and Presente.org unite to provide aid to the communities most severely impacted by the recent storms


Chicago –– In response to the wide scale death and destruction in Central America in the wake of the latest Hurricanes Eta and Iota, Alianza Americas, Hispanic Federation, and Presente.org have joined forces to launch an urgent campaign to assist the affected communities in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. This collaborative fund Central American Hurricane Relief has already successfully collected and dispersed funds to four local organizations providing aid on-the-ground. 


The destruction caused by the storms in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala only further exacerbate existing challenges in countries where economic inequality has kept millions of people in extreme poverty. “Among the most severely impacted populations are historically marginalized Black and Indigenous communities where poverty is disproportionately concentrated, so we are rushing resources to those areas,” explained Oscar Chacón, Executive Director of Alianza Americas.


“We’ve visited affected areas and the destruction is devastating. Entire communities are flooded and while many were able to evacuate to save their lives, they’ve lost everything. It saddens me to see people returning to their homes after Hurricane Eta pummeled through the area, and now have to face the aftermath of Hurricane Iota,” says Ismael Moreno, known as ‘Father Melo,’ Director of Equipo de Reflexión, Investigación y Comunicación (ERIC-SJ), located in El Progreso, on Honduras’ northern coast. 


The relief funds are being directed towards partner organizations including Equipo de Reflexión, Investigación y Comunicación (ERIC-SJ), in Honduras; Colectivo Artesana in Guatemala; Organización de Desarrollo Étnico Comunitario (ODECO); and Fundación San Lucas, on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast. 


“Our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala have just been through an incredibly difficult time and need our support now,” said Frankie Miranda, President of Hispanic Federation. “We’ve learned from previous relief operations, including our most recent efforts in Puerto Rico, that the most effective aid comes from organizations already on-the-ground that are charged with frontline response in real time. With our $100,000 contribution to Alianza Americas, we are proud to kick start this relief effort and ensure aid gets to communities that need it the most.”


Andrea Barrios, General Coordinator of Colectivo Artesana confirmed that resources are already reaching communities. “Colectivo Artesana is pleased to report that coordination has been swift, efficient, and with great solidarity, despite very difficult conditions. We will continue to connect the resources from those who can help, with those who most need help in Guatemala,” she affirmed.  


“This is solidarity, not charity. Together with our partners, we are calling for urgent support for those affected by these storms, all while these same communities also endure the ravages of COVID-19. Real relief and systemic change is required to truly address the scale of these duel crises, and to ensure healthy communities and a thriving future for all.” Stated Matt Nelson, Executive Director of Presente.org.


Individuals and institutions interested in donating to this urgent disaster response effort can go to Central American Hurricane Relief. 100 percent of funds raised will go directly to provide relief aid to hurricane victims in the affected regions in Central America.





Alianza Americas is the only transnational organization rooted in Latino immigrant communities in the United States focused on improving the quality of life of all people in the US-Mexico-Central America migration corridor.  As a network of Latino and Caribbean immigrants, Alianza Americas is working for change in the U.S. while also promoting a more stable, healthy, democratic and safer conditions in the countries of origin of their members.


Hispanic Federation (HF) The mission of the Hispanic Federation is to empower and advance the Hispanic community. Hispanic Federation provides grants and services to a broad network of Latino non-profit agencies serving the most vulnerable members of the Hispanic community and advocates nationally on vital issues of education, health, immigration, civil rights, economic empowerment, civic engagement, and the environment. 


Presente.org’s mission is to advance Latinx power and create winning campaigns that amplify Latinx voices; expand the political imagination and traditional boundaries; and foster inspiration for freedom, equity, and justice. Presente is the largest national Latinx online organization advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture.

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