Summit of the Americas a Test for Addressing Systemic Inequalities That Drive Migration

June 6, 2022
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As the Summit of the Americas initiates this week in Los Angeles, Alianza Americas, a coalition of over 50 migrant-led organizations in 18 states, issued the following reaction: 


“Our hope is that this year’s summit will not be a missed opportunity for producing a new set of policies aimed at tackling the systemic inequities that drive migration in Latin America,” said Oscar Chacón, executive director of Alianza Americas. “Latin America is the world’s most unequal region. This leaves too many with little other option except to migrate for a shot at a dignified life. Migration is just a symptom of the much larger problem of systemic inequities, and if governments in the region don’t use this summit as an opportunity to address this root problem, identify, and rigorously implement new solutions; then we’re just fooling ourselves.” 


Migrant organizations also urged for leaders at the Summit of the Americas to ensure that the U.S. and Canada, some of the world’s largest producers and consumers of fossil fuels, commit to binding agreements to lessen their carbon footprint and achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions. 


“The U.S. must no longer turn its back on climate migrants, as we will unfortunately see more and more people across the world displaced by climate change,” said Melanie Minuche, climate justice organizer at Alianza Americas. “Governments must ensure that climate migrants are not only acknowledged in any declaration that comes out of the summit, but also that there is a concrete policy plan to humanely support climate migrants after they are displaced.” 


Members of the Alianza Americas coalition will have representatives present at the summit and at the parallel People’s Summit for Democracy, including CIELO of Los Angeles, CARECEN-SF and CARECEN-DC, and Mirta Colón, head of the Alianza Americas Board of Directors. This will ensure that the voices of migrants are present in regional policy debates about migration, trade, and climate change. 


Alianza Americas is also co-sponsoring a side event during the summit with 13 other civil society groups, titled, “From Deterrence To Integration: Civil Society Voices On Migration Policy Challenges and Good Practices In The Americas.” Details about attending the event are below:


Free event registration available here. 

WHEN: Tue, June 7, 2022

5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. PDT

WHERE: Omni Los Angeles California Plaza

251 South Olive Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

About this event: Hundreds of thousands of people leave their homes every year and cross the Western Hemisphere seeking safety and economic opportunity abroad. Often, they face serious human rights violations, struggle to obtain protection or legal status, or face discrimination and difficulties working and accessing basic services in their new homes, forcing some to travel again in search of safety and economic wellbeing. This discussion will provide an opportunity to assess best practices and provide recommendations on the steps that governments should take towards regional arrangements prioritizing protection for migrants and refugees.

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Alianza Americas is the premier transnational advocacy network of Latin American migrant-led organizations working in the United States, across the Americas, and globally to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for communities across North, Central and South America. Alianza’s digital organizing powerhouse is

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