People Seeking Safehaven Should be Given Protection and Support

April 14, 2021
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Armed troops will only worsen human rights violations


The following is a joint statement from and Alianza Americas:


CHICAGO –– The Biden-Harris administration secured agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras to militarize borders as a way to stem migration from the region, a shameful decision that will do little to ensure migrants’ safety. Previous administrations have militarized these nations’ borders and have proven that this strategy is ineffective and results in human rights abuses. 


“As organizations committed to creating an inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for migrant communities living in the United States and across the Americas, we are disappointed by the Biden-Harris administration’s decision to continue Trump administration efforts towards extraterritorial immigration deterrence and control efforts at the hands of police and military forces with appalling records of human rights violations,” said Oscar Chacón, executive director of Alianza Americas.  


“If the Biden-Harris administration truly wants to address the humanitarian crisis that is forced migration, they would not turn their backs on those seeking protection. As we’ve stated before, the ultimate goal of a truly new approach to addressing root causes of migration should be to support efforts to ensure that Central American nations are places from which no one has to flee. In the meantime, we must support and protect people seeking safe haven. As history shows us, militarizing borders only leads to more human rights violations and the death of persons seeking safety,” said Matt Nelson, executive director of 


“More troops and police officers from countries where human rights are systematically violated, are no way of ensuring migrants’ safety. Racist and xenophobic forces, which love to blame immigrants for problems caused by others, continue to dominate the narrative – deploying security forces to contain migrants or to keep jailing people are not rational or innovative solutions. Migrants running for their lives deserve protection and support. The Biden-Harris administration knows these are life-and-death decisions,” added Chacón.  






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