Latino, Caribbean Communities Welcome Extension and Redesignation of Temporary Protected Status for Haiti

December 7, 2022
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The recent decision by the Biden-Harris administration to extend relief and redesignate Haiti with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a much-welcome humanitarian move. This program, for over 30 years, has been proven to be effective because it saves lives, keeps families together, strengthens communities here and abroad, and gives hope to thousands of people. For far too long Haitians have been seeking safety and compassion, meanwhile they have endured unjust treatment. This victory is the result of the continued organizing and advocacy efforts led by people across the country and the courage of Haitian people raising their voices and telling their stories. 


We congratulate all of the advocates who made this victory possible and in particular, we express our solidarity to Haitian Bridge Alliance and Family Action Network Movement (FANM), among many others. 


Alianza Americas will continue to urge Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden to redesignate TPS protection for El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua; and to designate Guatemala for this form of protection. These communities have deep roots in the United States, making invaluable contributions to our society, and are our neighbors. The Biden administration has the authority to protect immigrant communities via TPS designations who already reside in the United States, and whose countries of origin are in no condition to ensure a safe return for them. Issuing TPS designations for Central Americans will save lives. We must put people’s dignity first and eradicate narratives that dehumanize them. 


#TPS4CentralAmericaNow: Learn more about our TPS advocacy work in our toolkit




Alianza Americas is the premier transnational advocacy network of Latin American migrant-led organizations working in the United States, across the Americas, and globally to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for communities across North, Central and South America. In 2022, Alianza integrated with, establishing a stronger digital organizing powerhouse.

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