Biden Administration Should Continue Steps to Reunite All Families

May 3, 2021
Fernanda Durand (443) 396 3317 [email protected]
Nancy Treviño (786) 201-8958 [email protected] 


Four children will unite with their mothers this week, a first step in a necessary long sustained effort to reunite all families


The following is a joint statement from Alianza Americas and in response to the Biden Administration’s announcement of the reunification of four children, who were separated from their parents by the prior Administration. 


Finally, four children from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico who entered the U.S. and were separated from their parents by the Trump Administration’s family separation policy, will be reunited with their mothers this week. This is certainly welcomed good news and Alianza Americas and commend the Biden Administration for this initial effort. However, there is much more work to be done as hundreds of children remain separated from their parents. We need more bold actions like this that have a direct impact on the lives of immigrant and asylum-seeking children and their parents. We urge the administration to continue efforts to reunite every single child with their parents. Reuniting these four families is the first step to undo the harm caused by these traumatic human rights violations. Additionally, other forms of reparations such as mental health treatment and legalization options are necessary for each family. We hope to continue hearing similar announcements from the Administration in the coming weeks. 




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