Alianza Americas Condemns Gender-Based Violence, Cruel, Inhumane, and Degrading Treatment at ICE Detention Centers

CHICAGO – Alianza Americas denounces forced sterilization procedures, medical neglect, and unsafe COVID-19 related practices at the Irwin ICE Detention Center in Georgia. The allegations, along with a host of additional egregious violations, were brought forth by whistleblower Dawn Wooten, a nurse at the ICE detention center run by LaSalle Corporation. Oscar Chacón, executive director of Alianza Americas, issued the following statement:


“These allegations are extremely disturbing and represent a horrific misuse of power over people in desperate situations like those in ICE detention. These actions are a symptom of the current administration’s practice of dehumanizing immigrants and people of color. This is not the first time U.S. government officials have engaged in gender-based violence in the form of forced sterilization against Black, Indigenous and other racial minority women. In 1907, the state of Indiana passed the first eugenics sterilization law, and most U.S. states followed suit by passing similar laws that targeted primarily Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and disabled women. These repugnant practices are blatant human rights violations. The American public and the global community should be outraged not only because of these atrocious practices, but because of the general inhumane conditions in U.S. immigration detention centers.


Alianza Americas demands that Congress immediately conduct investigations, hold hearings, and move to defund and dismantle detention in the U.S. Unfortunately, there is no trust in executive branch institutions under this administration; thus, Congress must act now to stop the inhumane treatment taking place in U.S. detention centers.”



Alianza Americas is the only transnational organization rooted in Latino immigrant communities in the United States focused on improving the quality of life of all people in the US-Mexico-Central America migration corridor.  As a network of Latino and Caribbean immigrants, Alianza Americas is working for change in the U.S. while also promoting a more stable, healthy, democratic and safer conditions in the countries of origin of their members.

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