As President Trump Takes Office—Alianza Americas and its Members Prepare to Resist Hate, Protect Children and Families.



Friday, January 20, 2017 
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Cristina Garcia
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As President Trump Takes Office—Alianza Americas and its Members Prepare to Resist Hate, Protect Children and Families.

As President Trump takes office today, immigrant communities are on high alert.  The President has indicated he will undo protections for more than 730,000 young people who have benefited from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals known as DACA.  This misguided move must be resisted, and every effort must be put to protecting DACA recipients.  Alianza Americas calls on the Congress to swiftly enact a legislative fix, if Mr. Trump proceeds with mean-spirited and economically damaging promise.  Keeping families together and providing opportunities for young people should not be a partisan issue.

Oscar Chacón, Executive Director of Alianza Americas had this statement:

The fear that the poisonous rhetoric we witnessed during the elections could now quickly become the law of the land permeates the atmosphere in communities across the nation. As a network of immigrants, we have a special and urgent challenge to name that fear, acknowledge it, but then channel it to ensure that our communities are treated in a just and equitable manner that reflects the thousands of ways that we contribute to economic prosperity and the rich cultural fabric of our nation.


The Trump administration could move quickly on anti-immigrant measures aimed at distracting people from the deep inequalities that plague our country. Immigrant communities need to know their rights, but more importantly, they need to organize to ensure that those rights are respected.   Alianza Americas is committed to moving our members from the relatively passive state of “knowing our rights” to the active “Acting our Rights.”  That will require specific investments in interactive community education that is linked to alliance-building, and rooted in respect for diversity.  The base-building that takes place right now will lay the groundwork to enable immigrant communities to respond with creative, responsible solutions to the problems of economic inequality in our country and around the world.


Starting now, Alianza Americas and its members will convene community education and outreach to share information, and listen to families and young people.  A top priority will be defending those at most risk of reprisals, specifically DACA recipients.  Children and families recently arrived in the US and seeking protection from violence and insecurity in Central America constitute a second critically vulnerable group, along with those holding some form of Temporary Protected Status.  Alianza Americas will continue to defend the right to humanitarian protection for all those who need it, including our brothers and sisters in Syria and other conflict-torn countries.


We are entering a time of great risk and uncertainty, but even now there are opportunities if we have the wisdom to seize them.  We must connect with people of all races and faiths, who have many good reasons to be upset.  Frustration with the status quo can be manipulated to divide us, but it can also enable us to unite and pursue a transformational agenda that benefits everyone, including immigrant communities.