Florida man has traveled more than 1,000 miles to call on President Obama to Use The Power of the Pen to Halt Deportation 

 NALACC commends Francisco for his bravery and commitment and invites you to learn more about the Power of the Pen campaign, including an exciting Mother’s Day event planned for May 7, at www.thepowerofthepen.net.

For more information on the events in DC tomorrow, please contact Kathy Bird at Florida Immigrants Coalition (see media advisory below)

Media Advisory: Friday, April 18, 2014

Contact:   Kathy Bird, kathy@floridaimmigrant.org, (786) 210-9030

Florida immigrant concludes his “Pedaling for 20 Million Dreams” journey by calling on President Obama to Use The Power of the Pen to Halt Deportation 

 After traveling all the way from Homestead, Florida, Francisco Diaz will deliver a pen to President Obama tomorrow morning at noon as a symbol of the urgent need to stop deportations that are tearing families apart.

 Watch video here: http://youtu.be/Onu_Wi_z5-Y

 Miami, FL – Francisco Diaz, 41-year-old undocumented immigrant who lives in Homestead, began his odyssey on March 2.  His journey, chronicled on the facebook page “Pedaling for 20 Million Dreams” has finally brought him to Washington DC. Tomorrow, at 12 noon, Francisco will bring a pen to President Obama with the purpose of asking him to use his power and sign an executive order that stops deportations. He also seeks to ask Congress to pass Immigration Reform.


Francisco, originally from Mexico, has been in the US since 1998 working as a carpenter. Despite being married to a US Citizen for 12 years, he has not been able to adjust his status. Francisco’s family was directly affected by the deportation of his brother-in-law. When he was detained, Francisco’s niece went from being an honor student to failing in school, until she finally had to leave the country when her father was deported, leaving Francisco with no family and devastated.



Schedule of Events Friday, April 18

 12:00             Francisco will speak to the media at Lafayette square (corner of 16th St. and H, NW)