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March 6, 2014

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 NALACC Celebrates International Women’s Day and Calls on President Obama to Use “The Power of the Pen” to Halt Deportations Immediately.

In honor of International Women’s Day this March 8, the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities salutes all the creative, effective women leaders who are inspiring positive change around the world.

At events all over the country in celebration of International Women’s Day, NALACC members will collect postcards calling on President Obama to use “The Power of the Pen” to provide immediate relief from deportation to undocumented immigrants.  President Obama has indicated he will use the power of his pen to issue executive orders to keep the country moving forward when Congress can’t or won’t take action.  NALACC members call on him to use that power to keep immigrant families together and provide relief from deportation to millions of hardworking immigrants.

“We are gathering to celebrate women’s leadership and capacity to inspire change, but, we also realize that every day, hundreds of women’s of live are impacted by deportations and detentions,” said Claudia Lucero, NALACC President. “Our postcard campaign is a simple way for everyone to let the President know that immigrants and their families need him to act now to halt deportations,” she added.

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