Transnational Civic
Engagement and Participation

Since its founding, Alianza Americas has insisted that policy-making bodies in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico improve their own immigration laws and practices in ways that reflect how they want their own nationals to be treated when they are abroad. This strategy places the agency firmly in the unique role of holding governments accountable across the Americas.

The organization takes a strong position advocating for protections for refugee- seekers along the migration corridor, from country of origin, transit, and destination countries. Its inclusive and diverse immigrant community membership advocates for equitable and humane economic, political and social policies. At the same time, the Alianza looks at the root causes of migration as a central premise to all of its work.

In addition to its own work, Alianza serves as the US focal point for the Red Regional de Organizaciones Civiles para las Migraciones (RROCM), a network that promotes policy coherence in the treatment of migrants in this region.