Economic, Racial
and Social Justice

Justice—”The quality of being fair and reasonable; the equitable distribution and application of the law, peace and genuine respect for human rights.” Oxford Dictionaries

While logical to assume justice exists, the belief, sadly, is far from the reality in today’s world. Structural injustice—left unchecked—leads to more restrictive, punitive measures blatantly dehumanizing immigrants and using them as scapegoats for growing economic inequality.

During the last four decades, the United States has experienced a large influx of immigrants from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean where there are long histories of oppression and injustice. This reality is exacerbated once in the United States, where many times immigrants are used as scapegoats due to racist ideology and practices.

The resurgence of radicalized and racist rhetoric in public debate raises alarm for anyone concerned with racial justice in this country. One need only to turn on the nightly news to hear Mexicans painted as “criminals and rapists”, African Americans subtly or overtly accused of violent tendencies, or Muslim-Americans associated with terrorism.

At the same time, economic inequality has also grown, both in the United States and in countries of origin. More and more people are finding the doors to economic well-being slammed shut, even as the wealthy 1% is now said to possess more wealth than the entire poorest 50% combined.

Alianza Americas believes that paramount to its work is to ensure sustainable social, racial, and economic justice and equality for all. Its work is critical to creating the social and political conditions that result in more humane treatment and opportunity for everyone.