Common Sense and
Humane Migration Policies

Alianza Americas believes that change in public policy requires engaging immigrants as allies in the struggle for healthy, sustainable communities.

In 2017, in light of of anti-immigrant statements and Executive Orders emitted by the new President, Alianza Americas and its members are investing in local circles of protection for vulnerable groups, with a focus on those at most risk of reprisals, specifically, the young people who have benefited from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA. Children and families recently arrived in the US and seeking protection from extreme violence and insecurity in Central America constitute a second critically vulnerable group, as well as those holding some form of temporary visa.

Alianza Americas, we will continue to defend the right to humanitarian protection for all those who need it, including refugees who desperately need our help. Beyond the short term, the organization will continue to promote policies that address the unfair, deeply flawed US migration policy framework.  Alianza Americas will prioritize policies make progress toward ending detention, especially for children, stopping deportations, and allowing those who lack immigrant visas, or have only temporary protection, to move to acquiring permanent residency visas, including the option to eventually apply for US citizenship.


After the 2008 elections, which took place in the context of a severe economic crisis like no other in 70 years, the Alianza’s leadership accurately predicted that there would be a lack of progress in enacting an immigration reform bill. The organization’s 2012 report, “What is Wrong with US Immigration Policy, and How We Can Fix it?” concluded that administrative forms of immigration relief constituted the most viable pathway for meaningful changes in the short term. In June of that year, President Obama announced an administrative relief measure called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Read the Alianza’s statement in response.

As a visionary organization on this issue, and learning from the circumstances that led to the granting of DACA, Alianza created the campaign “The Power of the Pen” promoting more administrative relief measures from deportations as a key steps toward sensible, humane immigration policy reform. Unrelenting, determined efforts from grassroots organizations all over the country helped convince the President to once again take administrative action on November 20, 2014, granting an expansion of DACA and creating a new program known as DAPA–Deferred Action for Parents of American citizens or legal permanent residents who happened to be children.  Unfortunately, that program was never implemented, due to challenges in the courts.