New FB and Flyer Resources for Dignity and Respect

NALACC is participating a coordinated effort taking place across the country calling for immediate action on immigration reform.  This effort –known at the National Day of Dignity and Respect– will culminate in a set of mass mobilizations the first week of October.  We have prepared a set of resources for members and others.  Click Turnout_Flyer_Oct_5_nalacc_fnl_Sp for a Flyer in Spanish to promote local efforts.  Click Turnout_Flyer_Oct_5_nalacc_fnl_Engfor a flyer in English.  A set of messaging points in English and Spanish can be accessed at Messagingkit.

Keep your eyes on our site for more resources.  Additionally, many resources will be posted to the shared website:

Attached below is an image to use on FACEBOOK– please share widely

Microsoft Word - Turnout_Flyer_Oct_5_nalacc_fnl2_Sp.doc