Network Advocacy

Through the exchange of information, shared resources, collective effort, cooperation, and consensus-building, Alianza partner agencies work together to confront transnational problems that affect the US, as well as Latin-American, and Caribbean countries.

The Allianza is made up of more than 45 immigrant-led/-serving organizations and networks that collectively reach more than 100,000 families. It uses the collective power of these agencies to advocate for and defend better economic, social, and political immigrant policies throughout the Americas. Its work brings about a more just, equitable, and sustainable way of life for refugee children, families, and individuals fleeing deplorable, heart-breaking conditions in their home countries.

The Allianza, with its capacity to be agile in responding to the almost daily changes affecting immigrants, promotes policy coherence among membership to find ways to both protect and keep out of harm’s way the many immigrants who make their way to the United States. It also builds power for action among members and strengthens alliances for action. Current network advocacy priorities include:

  • articulating and addressing root causes of migration
  • supporting temporary protected status for at-risk migrants
  • ending harmful detention practices and deportation raids that destroy families
  • creating better understanding of conditions through immigrant stories
  • extending the reach of the network to other US regions and cities
  • deepening engagement by current members