Mission & Vision



Our mission is to create an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable way of life for migrant communities living in the United States and across the Americas. We are committed to empowering community leaders, government agencies, labor organizers, and faith-based communities, to work transnationally to provide a more dignified and just way of life for all people living in the Americas.


Since the first gathering of immigrant organizational leaders in 2004, Alianza Americas has promoted an agenda of justice, equity, and increased quality of life for communities across the Americas. The network operated for ten years under its original name, National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), making the switch to Alianza Americas in 2015.


Our 15-year anniversary celebration in 2019 marked an important moment to celebrate how far we have come, and look ahead at what the future holds.


Key moments in Alianza Americas' history

Alianza Americas is founded as “National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities‐ NALACC.”


The launching of the “Keep Our Families Together” campaign, opposing deportations.


First office opens in Chicago.


Organized the first‐ever international summit of Latin American migrant organizations, held in Michoacán, Mexico.


The launching of the Leadership Institute. This highly regarded program has trained more than 300 emerging and established Latinx immigrant leaders in 14 towns and cities across 10 states in the U.S. where immigrants live and work.


“Somos/We Are Campaign” calls out racism and negative stereotyping of migrants and migration. The campaign aims to reshape and reframe the narrative from the perspective of each individual versus the rhetoric seen and heard in the media.


Awarded the MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative and Effective Institutions (MACEI).


Delegations to Central America called attention to the regional violence and instability which resulted in tens of thousands of children seeking asylum in the United States in 2014.

2013 - 14

“Power of the Pen” campaign presses the Obama administration to use executive power to take administrative action on halting deportations.


First international conference organized in Chicago, titled “The Americas: Challenges and Opportunities Across Borders, We Rise and Fall Together.”


“Protect Children Across Borders” campaign brings transnational approach to helping children and families fleeing violence in Central America and Mexico.

2014 - 15

In the face of federal actions that would end Temporary Protected Status, Alianza Americas launched its “House-to-House” campaign, consisting of tours in key cities to connect TPS holders and provide trainings on rights.


Alianza Americas opens its first regional office in Central America, based in El Salvador and focused on issues affecting countries throughout Central America.


Nine delegations and learning tours. 15th Anniversary gathering. New Leadership Institute.