AFROOS – Fundación Afrodescendientes Organizados Salvadoreños

Fundación Afrodescendientes Organizados Salvadoreños

AFROOS is a foundation in El Salvador that works for the constitutional recognition of the Afro-descendant population in El Salvador and the diaspora, they also works to eliminate racism and discrimination in all its forms, its members and founding members are people who self-identify themselves as Afro-Salvadorans from different parts of the country and beyond. AFROOS has 12 years of history, struggle and permanent work for the afro-descendant population in El Salvador. During these years 2 efforts have been made for the congress of El Salvador to recognize the afro-descendants. The advocacy that AFROOS ranges from public to private institutions and the population with which AFROOS works is afro-descendant, LGBT, diverse capabilities, children, youth and the elderly, WE ARE THE THIRD ROOT.

Email: [email protected]

Address: El Salvador




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