Power and Solidarity for Transformation

Alianza Americas Works to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for Latinx immigrant communities in the United States and across the Americas. We work transnationally with community leaders, government officials, union leaders, allied organizations and faith-based communities, to create a more dignified and just way of life for all people living in the Americas. 

We work to elevate migrants’ voices in spaces where public policies are discussed and decided, so that their needs and perspectives are incorporated. We bring to the table a transnational vision, because we understand that this is a necessary perspective to confront the challenges that we face as migrants in our countries of origin and in the communities that welcome us.

This year we are celebrating sixteen years of existence and we are convening our Leadership Assembly virtually. We designed a program that includes four critical analysis sessions open to the public, in which we hope to discuss with our membership and allies how to build and strengthen our Power and Solidarity for Transformation. Afterwards, we will have the regular sessions of our biennial Assembly, reserved for our members in which we will evaluate the work carried out and establish future programmatic lines.  

We are in a particularly challenging moment in the political, social and economic life across the world. During the convening spaces that we have programmed, we will foster discussion and reflection spaces on the situation that we are living and the challenges that we are confronting. Systemic racism and White supremacy threats, the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recession convoke us to build collectively Power and Solidarity for Transformation.


Health Disparities and Structural Inequities during the Covid-19 Pandemic

OCT 16, 2020

Black and Latinx communities have suffered a disproportionate impact throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This impact is not only a result of health disparities, but also of many years of structural economic and social inequities, which continue to increase. The panel will discuss these issues and will also explore strategies to confront inequities and future challenges.

Defeating white supremacy, while also overcoming colonialism: a challenge in the Latino community

OCT 23, 2020

Since April 2020, mobilizations against police violence and racial and economic oppression in the U.S., have been echoed worldwide. In the public debate around the fight against white supremacy, there is little discussion of the influence of the European colonization in the Americas and in the people of Latin American origin. This session will address the intersection between the past and current struggles for racial justice and equality, considering potential collective responses both in the U.S. as well as in Latin America.

What will it take to turn massive protests into tangible and sustainable change that truly benefit most people?

OCT 30, 2020

For over 10 years, there have been several episodes of social protests against economic, social and political oppressive conditions around the world: the Arab Spring, Greece, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile and recently in the United States, among others. The challenge is how to translate these protests to substantive changes. This session will take a deeper dive into this question.


Critical Analysis of the US Elections

NOV 6, 2020

We will discuss the November 3 elections and its results, to the extent those are available at the time. The critical analysis session on the electoral process will offer elements to understand the vote count, map out the challenges, and consider different possibilities and responses.

Following Sessions are exclusively for Alianza Americas' Members

NOV 10

2021 Alianza Americas’ Elections

1-2:30 PM PT,   3-4:30 PM CT,    4-5:30 PM ET

We will review short statements from Candidates for Alianza America’s Board. We will hold a candidate’s forum, where the membership will be able to ask questions and the candidates will answer them. We will then move to electronic elections and the results will be announced right away. We will close our 2020 Leadership Assembly, by congratulating newly elected, as well as the rest of our board members.

NOV 13

Reporting to our Members: 2020 Activities and Financial Reports 

12-2 PM PT,     2-4 PM CT,     3-5 PM ET

The Alianza Americas’ team will present its activities report for 2020, summarizing the most important outcomes and challenges. We will also provide a financial report. The membership will ask questions, offer suggestions and feedback.

NOV 13

Looking Ahead: Our 2021 Priorities and Challenges

9-11 AM PT       11AM -1PM CT       12-2PM ET

The Alianza Americas’ team will present the reformulated four main programmatic goals, it’s 2021 priorities and scope of work. This session will include opportunities to receive feedback from the membership, consider its needs and priorities, and discuss opportunities and challenges, so that we can develop a work plan, in conjunction with the board of directors, that reflects our shared vision, priorities and strategies.