April 24, 2013                       

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Latinos Leaders’ Week of Action Calling on President Obama to Begin Real Immigration Reform by Immediately Halting Deportations

Chicago IL — Latino immigrant leaders and allies are organizing a nationwide week of actions calling on President Obama to set a positive tone for immigration policy reform by immediately halting deportations. During this week,  The National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), and Cuentame along with other organizations from the Families First Immigration Network (FINN), will coordinate a national week of actions in numerous cities including, Chicago, IL, Los Ángeles, CA; Houston, TX; Greenville, NC, Boston, MA and other US cities.


“President Obama has an enormous opportunity to show Latino and other voters his commitment for real immigration reform” said Juvencio Rocha-Peralta, NALACC’s vice-president and AMEXCAN’s executive director in North Carolina. “Our families are still living in fear as more than 1,000 people continue to be deported every single day, most of whom have committed no other infraction than living in this country without proper authorization. This practice wastes taxpayer resources and is counterproductive to the reform efforts,” added Mr. Rocha- Peralta.


“As our elected officials wisely move toward fixing our broken immigration system, it makes real sense to stop deporting people for infractions to an outdated, unworkable and failed policy,” commented Dayana Gomez, NALACC’s board member and founding member ofYo Collectivo in Houston, Texas. “Stopping the current record-breaking pattern of deportations is a great first step toward building a positive, constructive spirit for reform,” added Ms. Gomez.

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Local events organized by NALACC member organizations  and allies will take place in Chicago IL; Los Ángeles, CA; Houston, TX; Greenville, NC, Boston, MA and other cities