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Defenders of Democracy & Free Press Under Siege in Honduras


The questionable results and widely recognized fraud in the Honduran elections of November 26 has raised humanitarian and governance concerns around the hemisphere.  More than 30 people have died at the hands of military or police forces in crackdowns on subsequent political protests. The United States quickly recognized the incumbent president as the victor in the election, despite calls for new elections from the OAS and a broad cross-section of independent observers.  Meanwhile, despite warning its own citizens to stay away from Honduras, the United States has continued to deport Hondurans (700 so far in 2018) and may well cancel TPS this Spring.  In addition to the growing humanitarian crisis, this ongoing tragedy has worrying implications for democracy across the region.


The tour will bring credible and respected voices who were on the ground before, during, and after the elections to audiences in three cities–New York, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles– where the most Honduran immigrants voted in the most recent presidential election.

In addition to Hondurans themselves, the tour will reach out to faith groups, immigrant advocates, and policymakers in areas where Hondurans and Honduran TPS holders make up a significant group.  The tour will tell real stories from the ground, and link them to action we can all take. 


Los Angeles (Feb 19)); New York City (Feb 20-21); Washington DC (Feb 22-23) 


Given the urgency of the situation in Honduras, this tour is being organized on a very short time line. If you are interested in hosting speakers at an event in one of these three cities, please contact us as soon as possible at info@alianzaamericas.org


Joaquin Mejia

ERIC, Radio Progreso

Joaquín Mejía is a lawyer and researcher at the Jesuit think-tank, ERIC and the Jesuit radio station Radio Progreso. Radio Progreso has provided a lifeline connecting Hondurans and observers around the world with independent news about the elections and the aftermath. As a result, Radio Progreso has received threats and their transmitters have been sabotaged.  Mr. Mejía is an expert in international human rights protections, with a specific expertise on the Inter-American Human Rights System.  He has more than 14 years of experience in litigating precedent-setting cases before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Human Rights Commission. Holding a doctorate in human rights, Joaquin Mejía has published numerous scholarly articles and opinion pieces on human rights and democracy in national and international outlets, including the New York Times. Download Bio in English & Spanish

Claudia Mendoza


Claudia Mendoza is a highly regarded freelance journalist, news reporter, and documentary producer who has served as a correspondent for UNIVISION for more than 19 years.  She is also a consultant for the Center for the Study of Democracy, serving as part of its research team on issues related to the defense of human and environmental rights. Claudia Mendoza has an undergraduate degree in journalism with a Masters in Social Work. Download Bio in English & Spanish





























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