Elections 2022



Alianza Americas has developed these resources aimed at informing the U.S. Spanish-speaking population about the November 2022 midterm elections and encouraging participation, regardless of whether or not they are citizens. Our goal: that all people of Latin American origin, and people allied to our cause, vote for the welfare of those who cannot cast a ballot: #VoteForAll!

Why participating in the 2022 elections is crucial:

  • We are more! The Latino population is the largest minority group of voters in this 2022 election.
  • Immigrants have power: one out of every ten people eligible to vote are immigrants (2020).
  • 32 million Latinos were able to register and participate in the 2020 elections.
  • 11.6 million Latino voters are expected to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.

Resources to help you vote

Make your plan to vote

Election day is coming up soon and people are already voting! Answer the questions included in this infographic to plan when and how you will vote to ensure you can participate in this election.

Infographic: Are you prepared to vote?

Where you can vote by mail

You need to know the rules in your state about voting by mail. In this infographic, learn more about the different rules in each state.

Infographic: Where to vote by mail

Decisions on how to vote

In the United States there are two ways to vote: 1) In person. 2) By mail. This infographic helps guide you through the decision process. It is critical that you decide now how you are going to vote. This is the time to register if you are going to vote in person, to request the application, and to submit the application for vote by mail or absentee ballot. This chart gives you a brief guide on what to do. The rules are different depending on your state of residence. Make sure you know them well.

Infographic: Deciding how to vote: in person or by mail



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