Education Delegations
and US Tours

The Alianza sends representatives to create positive, compelling relationships across the many borders that divide communities. The organization also organizes speaking and listening tours that bring first-hand experiences in Mexico and Central America into homes, schools, and churches here in the United States. The goals are:

  • to arm delegates with information that spurs them to strengthen alliances and take action to reduce immigration injustices.
  • to seek collective solutions to highly sensitive transnational issues—immigration, social, economic, and racial justice.

Each year, the Alianza identifies individuals, including media representatives, who can gain the on-the-ground exposure needed to take action to improve the lives of immigrants, refugee children, and displaced families.

Delegates learn about, analyze, and report on the real concerns and conflicts affecting the lives of people in the US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. They meet with local officials, refugees, and others who deal with these inhumane issues to build understanding and fortify alliances. These trips create an emotional and intellectual connection to the issues via personal interactions and experiences. This, on a deeper level, increases understanding and develops relationships that mobilize delegate involvement.

The educational tours serve a similar function for those who cannot or are not ready to take on international travel, by bringing the transnational realities of Mexico and Central America to policy makers and other potential allies.

Education Delegations and tours contribute to Alianza efforts by building partnerships to secure racial and economic justice, promote racial healing, and seek relief for children and families fleeing violence.