Protecting/Promoting Rights in Mobility

Alianza Americas leverages its member network and connects with regional network that works for the protection of asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable groups. In the United States we are part of We Are All America, a national campaign for refugee justice established by a powerful coalition of organizations committed to the protection and integration of refugees. In Mexico, we support shelters and institutions that help migrants and asylum seekers with humanitarian and legal assistance through the Refuge for Families campaign, a collective effort with National Partnership for New Americans, Fair Immigration Reform Movement, and We Are All America..

Central American Exodus

Very quickly after the exodus of Central Americans began moving through Mexico in caravans at the end of 2018, Alianza Americas realized that this new migration pattern required a careful, coordinated response. Our team launched a series of working exchanges with organizations in Mexico that are offering shelter, legal assistance, and psychosocial support to migrants and asylum seekers.

We also teamed up with partners at National Partnership for New Americans, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement and We Are All America to create a multi-layered humanitarian, organizing, legal and communications effort called #RefugeforFamilies, a humanitarian coalition to support the legal and humanitarian response to the Central American exodus. Together with the organizations of #RefugeforFamilies, Hispanic Federation and many individual donors, we mobilized resources needed to support shelters and organized against the Trump administration’s efforts to deny people their right to apply for asylum in the United States.

Alianza Americas promotes and centers human rights in international spaces dedicated to the governing of migratory flows.

In 2018, Alianza Americas uplifted the voices and perspectives of migrants from Latin America in the negotiations towards the Global Compact for Migration at the United Nations. In addition to providing leadership to the Global Migration Coalition (GCM), Alianza sent a number of our members to the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Marrakech, Morocco, where the Global Compact was officially signed. Alianza Americas is also an active member of the Women’s Migration Network, which fights for gender equity issues for migrant communities and in their countries of origin.

Alianza Americas continues providing guidance on the Global Compact and other discussions on global migration by highlighting contributions from migrant-led groups and partners and sharing these ideas through a series of virtual workshops and seminars shared with members and allies.

We are also part of the Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migration (RROCM), a network of civil organizations and people from 11 countries in the region formed by Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico, Canada, and the United States.