Alianza Americas works to promote humane immigration policies that ensure and protect human rights in the context of mobility. Deportation and forced return are extreme migratory sanctions that entail the end of an immigration project, family separation and that cause a profound psychological impact. Alianza’s advocacy work has two goals: 1) To end deportations and create humane and dignified policies that consider the impact of these measures on the person and their families; 2) To promote and strengthen the response of the government and civil society to welcome and support the reintegration process of people who are deported and those forced to return.

Defying Borders: Our Stories Resisting against Deportation and Forced return


Defying Borders, is a collaborative initiative between Alianza Americas and Otros Dreams en Acción, in which educational materials were developed to help provide information and resources for people at risk of deportation.This project aims to address the lack of information available and to raise awareness on the real impact of deportation on immigrants and their families.