The transnational vision of Alianza Americas manifests itself through delegations and tours.

Delegations allow us to invite elected officials, decision-makers, journalists and social justice leaders who live in the United States, to Central America and Mexico, to learn firsthand the situation in our countries of origin. These exchanges inform their work and enable them to understand the challenges faced by these countries in their efforts to advance in the struggle against inequality, strengthen democracy, and ensure and guarantee human rights in the context of mobility. These are also opportunities to build relationships and support migrants’ voices, leadership and positive contributions.

Tours allow us to invite thought leaders, social justice leaders, human rights and environmental justice defenders, and activists to the U.S., to share the challenges and breakthroughs in their work in Central America and Mexico to targeted audiences. Tours generate experiences for the exchange of ideas and relationship building with U.S. communities, elected officials, social justice leaders, and students.

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