Realities and Challenges

For the past 15 years, Alianza Americas has exposed the multiple problems faced by Central American countries and Mexico resulting in the exodus of thousands of people, mostly of those in vulnerable situations. We have led delegations joined by elected officials, decision-makers and social justice activists from the U.S. in order for them to get to know firsthand the reality of a complex region.


We were unable to accomplish this mission in 2020 because of the covid-19 pandemic. The crisis put to a pause our on-site information exchange dynamics with organizations and allies in northern Central America and Mexico. Delegations are key to building transnational relations  and for our advocacy work. We designed a virtual model to overcome mobility difficulties during the pandemic.


We begin 2021 with our series of virtual delegations, to create awareness on the causes of forced migration and to advocate for humane migratory policies in the Central America-Mexico-U.S. corridor. We also hope that our delegations contribute to help building countries where less people are forced to flee.

The first virtual delegation will take place on January 15-16, focused on El Salvador. To know more about this effort, click here.


In the coming months we will continue working on virtual delegations to Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. If you want to be a part of them, please contact us at


Alianza Americas hopes that as part of our transnational work, this virtual project becomes a  learning experience for leaders of immigrants’ organizations in the U.S., elected officials, decision-makers, journalists and other actors, who become more informed and aware of the situation in our countries of origin.

Semillero de Lideres

Leadership Seedbed

Tools to strengthen youth leadership within our member organizations.

Alianza Americas Virtual Delegation


Tools for the Transformation of El Salvador

Alianza Americas Virtual Delegation


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