COVID-19 Resources

As a network of Latin American immigrant-led, immigrant-serving organizations, Alianza Americas and its members have come together to address the needs and concerns of immigrant communities during the pandemic. 

Now is a time for bold ideas, not business as usual.  Alianza Americas calls for healthcare for everyone, and recognition of the value that essential workers are providing to all of us, including undocumented workers, with protection and support that includes everyone.  Ceasing immigration detention, releasing people from detention and halting deportations are common-sense steps to protect the health of immigrants and everyone else. At the same time, we will step up our vigilance to protect rights, strengthen democratic accountability, and promote justice in new and creative ways.


Resources include:


A constantly updated resources pages with trustworthy, curated information— in understandable formats, mostly in Spanish.  Several members have also worked hard to include information in indigenous languages.

Webinars and training sessions to keep our members and allies informed, and build capacity for connection and action  

Opportunities for action and advocacy that build a sense of shared purpose and solidarity, challenge us to re-shape policy, and make creative use of online connections to break through the isolation of quarantine.



Economic Relief Legislation: Congress must put people’s wellbeing at the center of the debate

August 7, 2020 — All eyes are on the U.S. Congress. People residing in the United States anxiously await the outcome of the negotiations between political parties mediated by governmental officials from the Trump administration. The current legislative debate is not only a partisan dispute, but is also a reflection of opposing visions on the [...]

The power of the vote: the exercise of political rights is a citizen’s tool

This blog was written as a tribute to the Congressman John Lewis July 22 2020 — Consumed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis, it seems that we are postponing our political rights for the “return to normality”. This approach, however, is not going to allow us to resolve the situation in which we [...]

Let’s not be fooled: the xenophobic agenda continues

16 July,  2020 - Since the inception of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made his position against migrants very clear. Initially, his messages targeted Mexicans. Within days of his taking power, he issued the first travel ban on people from Muslim nations, which had a devastating impact. A campaign promise that was finally declared [...]

Race, class, and immigration status: keys to understanding why workers remain unprotected

July 1, 2020 — Three months have passed since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. From that moment, life, as we knew it began to change: we have witnessed economic shutdowns, the closure of borders, and restrictions on our rights. Some people have the privilege of working from home. However, for others, self-isolation was never an [...]

Supreme Court DACA Decision Will Impact All of Us

June 18, 2020 - DACA’s 8th year anniversary is taking place at roughly the same time the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to deliver the ruling determining its future. In 2017, President Donald Trump attempted to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a temporary immigration relief for young people. About 650,000 “dreamers” [...]


How can we support one another? How to cope with social distancing? Download graphics with messages of world solidarity in these moments of crisis.