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Somos Salud is a project of Alianza Americas to address health inequities among Latino immigrant communities in the United States. These inequities have skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the Somos Salud project, we have taken on the task of producing valuable resources and bringing accurate and reliable information to our communities. Find more information, view and download materials here.

COVID-19 Resources

As a network of Latin American immigrant-led, immigrant-serving organizations, Alianza Americas and its members have come together to address the needs and concerns of immigrant communities during the pandemic. 

Now is a time for bold ideas, not business as usual.  Alianza Americas calls for healthcare for everyone, and recognition of the value that essential workers are providing to all of us, including undocumented workers, with protection and support that includes everyone.  Ceasing immigration detention, releasing people from detention and halting deportations are common-sense steps to protect the health of immigrants and everyone else. At the same time, we will step up our vigilance to protect rights, strengthen democratic accountability, and promote justice in new and creative ways.


Resources include:


A constantly updated resources pages with trustworthy, curated information— in understandable formats, mostly in Spanish.  Several members have also worked hard to include information in indigenous languages.

Webinars and training sessions to keep our members and allies informed, and build capacity for connection and action  

Opportunities for action and advocacy that build a sense of shared purpose and solidarity, challenge us to re-shape policy, and make creative use of online connections to break through the isolation of quarantine.



Alerta sobre propagación del COVID-19 en la frontera

Covid-19 Relief for All

TOOLKIT “Covid-19 Relief for All, Stop the Exclusions!” February 3, 2020  — Join Alianza America on Action Wednesday for our “100DaysOfAction” with #AlianzaAmericas, a collaborative effort by Alianza Americas member [...]

The Economic Stimulus Legislation

WEBINAR Details Information sessions on the economic stimulus legislation convened jointly with the Center for Responsible Learning (in Spanish) What is included in the economic relief package? January 13, 1 pm [...]

Corruption and pandemic: as citizens we need to overcome outrage and move to action

August 21, 2020. Even though the pandemic has reduced activities to its essentials, corruption has been rampant in donations and emergency procurements, taking public money that was supposed to serve [...]

Immigrant families still unrecognized by the U.S. and excluded from relief packages

August 13, 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted immigrant populations in the United States, and in particular the Latinx community, that is reported to have higher infection rates, [...]


How can we support one another? How to cope with social distancing? Download graphics with messages of world solidarity in these moments of crisis.