The IPCC’s Report on the Climate Crisis in the Americas – Digital Toolkit

Digital Toolkit

What is the IPCC report and why should we care?


This scientific report written by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations (UN) body, describes the impact of the climate crisis on communities across the world for decades to come, including migrant and Latinx communities who are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. It brings the reality of the crisis into focus, and gives us a chance to take local and global action on mitigating the impacts of climate change. The report reveals a sense of urgency, in that we must act on climate change before it’s too late. It shows us how Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America will be directly affected by the climate crisis. Additionally, it shows how the United States (especially working-class and low-income families) will continue to bear the brunt of the crisis and how their lives are also affected. Communities across the world, especially in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America will face economic losses, emotional distress, and even death at the hands of the climate crisis. Alianza Americas and our digital powerhouse have created a series of graphics that highlight the outcomes of the report as a resource for you to share with your communities, recognizing that Black and brown communities all over the world face challenges in the current climate crisis.


As we unpack and learn from this report, we believe it is crucial to continue listening to the stories and experiences of frontline communities directly impacted by climate change. 


Please post and share this information with your networks! We want to make sure that everyone understands the severity of the climate crisis and can mobilize to combat destruction before it’s too late!

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The latest IPCC report states that Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America will be largely affected by the climate crisis in the coming years, causing increased displacement worldwide. The time is now to confront this existential crisis and organize our communities! Share this with your friends and family and learn more about the report here: #ClimateJustice


Millions of people will likely be displaced in the coming years because of climate destruction and disaster. We need to do everything we can to support climate migrants and work towards a world where no one is forced to migrate because of climate change. See the IPCC’s predictions here #ClimateJustice


The IPCC’s report tells us that we need to act on climate now. Climate disasters have forced people out of their countries and will only worsen situations abroad for people if governments like the United States do not take responsibility for the crisis and support people on the move. Learn more about what the IPCC thinks here #ClimateJustice


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Download and share this short video that highlights key findings of the IPCC report.


Climate disasters will only worsen and further harm Black and Brown communities of the Global South. Hear what the IPCC has to say about how North and South America will be hit #ClimateJustice


The IPCC predicts climate disasters will worsen for Black and Brown people of the Global South, causing more displacement and forced migration. #ClimateAction must support climate migrants! Read more about it here: #ClimateJustice


The climate movement needs to hear from people displaced by the #climatecrisis. It needs critical perspectives to support people on the move. Read more about how North and South America will be impacted here #ClimateJustice
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