Investing in climate justice today = investing in the well-being of our families tomorrow

#TaxDay2023 Toolkit

April 18, 2023

Taxes are a reflection of our collective values and it’s our government’s duty to invest every taxpayer’s dollars wisely. Each year immigrant and migrant communities pay the U.S. government billions in tax contributions to keep our country up and running. The most recent research shows that in 2019 alone, immigrants and migrants contributed more than $492 billion in taxes


This year, Alianza Americas and our 57 member organizations from across the country call on Congress and the Biden Administration to invest our immense tax contributions to climate resilience and climate solutions. The climate crisis is accelerating and disproportionately impacting migrant and Latinx communities across the globe. We invite you to join us on #TaxDay2023, to call on our elected leaders to take #ClimateActionNow and ensure our tax dollars are invested in protecting our families and our planet. 

Sample Social Media Messages

Copy and paste the following messages to your personal and organizational social media accounts on April 18, 2023!



Taxes are a reflection of our collective values. As the #climatecrisis continues to harm families, we demand that Congress invest our tax dollars towards a just transition to combat the impacts of #climatechange 🌎@POTUS & Congress must invest in protecting our air and water & green spaces so our children and families can live healthy sustainable lives. 🌱

#TaxDay2023 #CuidarCura



Each year immigrant and migrant communities contribute billions in tax dollars to keep our nation up and running. On #TaxDay2023, we demand that Congress invest our tax dollars in public education, affordable housing, healthcare for all, and equitable eco-friendly public transportation. 🌱



Investing our tax dollars in creating a healthier and livable planet 🌎 = investing in communities that have access to clean water, clean air, eco-friendly public transportation, and green spaces in our neighborhoods. 🌱 #TaxDay2023


In 2019, immigrant & migrant communities in the U.S. contributed more than $492 billion in taxes. Join @alianzaamericas @PresenteOrg to call on Congress to invest our tax $$$ wisely by committing to investing in public transportation, healthcare & renewable energy. #TaxDay2023


#TaxDay2023 reminds us that immigrant and migrant communities know exactly how our tax dollars must be spent. Join @alianzaamericas @PresenteOrg to demand that Congress invest in #ClimateActionNow so that our families and children can thrive in a healthy and livable planet. 🌎🌈

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