Op-ed: “Migration has brought hugely positive economic, social, and cultural benefits to the U.S.”

January 11, 2023 —  In an op-ed published in La Opinión, Nancy Treviño, associate director for network power at Alianza Americas, challenges measures recently announced by President Joe Biden’s administration that seek to restrict the arrival of people seeking protection in the United States.


“As President Biden visits the border town of El Paso this week, amidst announcements of new policies that will expel Nicaraguan, Haitians, and Cubans to Mexico, it’s all too clear that this administration’s priority is to uphold Donald Trump and Stepehen Miller’s hateful vision for the border. Whether it’s through Title 42, or the creation of parole programs that most asylum seekers are disqualified from using, Biden isn’t emphasizing protecting and welcoming those fleeing for their lives. Instead, it’s all about making it as difficult and dangerous as possible for those who want a shot at safety and dignity for themselves and their families,” Treviño wrote.


In her analysis, Treviño also highlights the need for a paradigm shift about migration and migrants. “Instead of viewing migrants and asylum seekers as burdens that we should fear and reject, we should recognize them as bringing incredible blessings to our country,” the op-ed states.


Read the full op-ed in English here.


Puede leer el texto completo aquí.

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