Honduras: Migrant Leaders see Xiomara Castro Administration as an Opportunity for a Reset

February 2022 — Xiomara Castro (Partido Libre) assumed the presidency of Honduras on January 27. Castro, the first woman to assume this role in Honduras, is taking power in a country in crisis: plagued by corruption, where a large part of its population sees migration as the only viable option for a dignified life. In this context, and in order to analyze perspectives and seek connections with local actors seeking to address the fundamental causes of migration, Alianza Americas sent a delegation of migrant leaders, made up of representatives of its member organizations in the United States.


For these migrant leaders, Castro’s arrival represents hope, both for improving internal conditions in the country and for improving relations with the United States.


Watch delegation participants describe the opportunities for a reset in Honduras below.

Oscar Chacón, Co-founder and Executive Director of Alianza Americas

Patricia Montes, Executive Director of Centro Presente

José Hernández, Director of the Second Chance Youth Program for the Central American Resource Center of Northern California (CARECEN San Francisco). INSERTAR VIDEO

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